Photography Courses

The photography courses are preparatory to the refinement of visual and expressive ability, all of which are composed of practical and theoretical parts; there will be discussions on the shots taken and on the theory dealt with during the lessons. The aim of the courses is to improve students’ skills and method in order to seek or refine their personal style.

All Classes are available also Online

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Basic of Photography

The basic photography course is aimed at anyone who wants to approach this fascinating art to learn how to use their camera to the best by educating their gaze on the rules of light and composition.

Eight evening meetings and two two practical outings, different moments of practice and comparison to improve together by learning the basics of technique and photographic composition. At the beginning of the course the complete manual will be delivered and used during the lessons.


8 lessons for groups of maximum 10 students

Digital Postproduction

The post production of digital images is now common practice for those approaching digital photography. It is also important to catalog and archive the work correctly in order to easily find your shots in galleries of thousands of images. The course will allow you to approach the ideal workflow to perfect and follow from the shooting phase to the final post production of the image.

During the meetings we will face the basics of digital post production and image management, learning to use one of the main postproduction software: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.


4 lessons for groups of maximum 10 students.

Kids Classes

Born as a laboratory for secondary school (middle school), this course is aimed at very young people aged between 11 and 16.

Increasingly in contact with smartphones, cameras and social networks, photography plays a very important role in children’s lives. The course is intended as a simplification of the version for “adults” with an experimental approach aimed at stimulating the creative curiosity of the children under the guidance of the principles that underlie photography.


4 lessons for groups of maximum 14 students.